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dump_user_location_t Class Reference

#include <dumpfile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 dump_user_location_t ()
 dump_user_location_t (const gimple *stmt)
 dump_user_location_t (const rtx_insn *insn)
profile_count get_count () const
location_t get_location_t () const

Static Public Member Functions

static dump_user_location_t from_location_t (location_t loc)
static dump_user_location_t from_function_decl (tree fndecl)

Private Member Functions

 dump_user_location_t (profile_count count, location_t loc)

Private Attributes

profile_count m_count
location_t m_loc

Detailed Description

A class for describing where in the user's source that a dump message
relates to, with various constructors for convenience.
In particular, this lets us associate dump messages
with hotness information (e.g. from PGO), allowing them to
be prioritized by code hotness.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dump_user_location_t() [1/4]

dump_user_location_t::dump_user_location_t ( )

◆ dump_user_location_t() [2/4]

dump_user_location_t::dump_user_location_t ( const gimple * stmt)
Construct a dump_user_location_t from STMT (using its location and

References gimple::bb, basic_block_def::count, gimple_location(), m_count, and m_loc.

◆ dump_user_location_t() [3/4]

dump_user_location_t::dump_user_location_t ( const rtx_insn * insn)
Construct a dump_user_location_t from an RTL instruction (using its
location and hotness).   

References BLOCK_FOR_INSN(), basic_block_def::count, INSN_LOCATION(), m_count, and m_loc.

◆ dump_user_location_t() [4/4]

dump_user_location_t::dump_user_location_t ( profile_count count,
location_t loc )

Member Function Documentation

◆ from_function_decl()

dump_user_location_t dump_user_location_t::from_function_decl ( tree fndecl)
Construct from a function declaration.  This one requires spelling out
to avoid accidentally constructing from other kinds of tree.   

References DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION, dump_user_location_t(), and gcc_assert.

Referenced by check_counter(), find_loop_location(), get_coverage_counts(), get_loop_location(), init_node_map(), ipa_icf::sem_function::merge(), ipa_icf::sem_variable::merge(), and ipa_icf::sem_item_optimizer::merge_classes().

◆ from_location_t()

◆ get_count()

profile_count dump_user_location_t::get_count ( ) const

References m_count.

Referenced by dump_location_t::get_count().

◆ get_location_t()

Field Documentation

◆ m_count

profile_count dump_user_location_t::m_count

◆ m_loc

location_t dump_user_location_t::m_loc

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