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inlining_info Class Reference

#include <inlining-iterator.h>

Public Member Functions

 inlining_info (location_t loc)
tree get_inner_fndecl () const
int get_extra_frames () const

Private Attributes

tree m_outer_fndecl
tree m_inner_fndecl
int m_extra_frames

Detailed Description

A class for fixing up fndecls and stack depths in checker_event, based
on inlining records.

The early inliner runs before the analyzer, which can lead to confusing

Tne base fndecl and depth within a checker_event are from call strings
in program_points, which reflect the call strings after inlining.
This class lets us offset the depth and fix up the reported fndecl and
stack depth to better reflect the user's original code.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ inlining_info()

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_extra_frames()

int inlining_info::get_extra_frames ( ) const

References m_extra_frames.

◆ get_inner_fndecl()

tree inlining_info::get_inner_fndecl ( ) const

References m_inner_fndecl.

Field Documentation

◆ m_extra_frames

int inlining_info::m_extra_frames

Referenced by get_extra_frames(), and inlining_info().

◆ m_inner_fndecl

tree inlining_info::m_inner_fndecl

Referenced by get_inner_fndecl(), and inlining_info().

◆ m_outer_fndecl

tree inlining_info::m_outer_fndecl

Referenced by inlining_info().

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