GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
real_format Struct Reference

#include <real.h>

Data Fields

void(* encode )(const struct real_format *, long *, const REAL_VALUE_TYPE *)
void(* decode )(const struct real_format *, REAL_VALUE_TYPE *, const long *)
int b
int p
int pnan
int emin
int emax
int signbit_ro
int signbit_rw
int ieee_bits
bool round_towards_zero
bool has_sign_dependent_rounding
bool has_nans
bool has_inf
bool has_denorm
bool has_signed_zero
bool qnan_msb_set
bool canonical_nan_lsbs_set
const charname

Detailed Description

Calculate the format for CONST_DOUBLE.  We need as many slots as
are necessary to overlay a REAL_VALUE_TYPE on them.  This could be
as many as four (32-bit HOST_WIDE_INT, 128-bit REAL_VALUE_TYPE).

A number of places assume that there are always at least two 'w'
slots in a CONST_DOUBLE, so we provide them even if one would suffice.   
Describes the properties of the specific target format in use.   

Field Documentation

◆ b

◆ canonical_nan_lsbs_set

bool real_format::canonical_nan_lsbs_set

◆ decode

void(* real_format::decode) (const struct real_format *, REAL_VALUE_TYPE *, const long *)

◆ emax

int real_format::emax

◆ emin

int real_format::emin

◆ encode

void(* real_format::encode) (const struct real_format *, long *, const REAL_VALUE_TYPE *)

◆ has_denorm

bool real_format::has_denorm

Referenced by fold_const_nextafter().

◆ has_inf

bool real_format::has_inf

Referenced by fold_const_nextafter().

◆ has_nans

bool real_format::has_nans

◆ has_sign_dependent_rounding

bool real_format::has_sign_dependent_rounding

◆ has_signed_zero

bool real_format::has_signed_zero

◆ ieee_bits

int real_format::ieee_bits

◆ name

const char* real_format::name

◆ p

◆ pnan

int real_format::pnan

Referenced by fold_const_nextafter().

◆ qnan_msb_set

bool real_format::qnan_msb_set

◆ round_towards_zero

◆ signbit_ro

int real_format::signbit_ro

◆ signbit_rw

int real_format::signbit_rw

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