GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
poly_bb Struct Reference

#include <graphite.h>

Collaboration diagram for poly_bb:

Data Fields

gimple_poly_bb_p black_box
scop_p scop
vec< poly_dr_pdrs
basic_block new_bb

Detailed Description

POLY_BB represents a blackbox in the polyhedral model.   

Field Documentation

◆ black_box

gimple_poly_bb_p poly_bb::black_box

Referenced by pbb_set_black_box().

◆ domain

isl_set* poly_bb::domain

◆ drs

vec<poly_dr_p> poly_bb::drs

◆ iterators

isl_set* poly_bb::iterators

◆ new_bb

basic_block poly_bb::new_bb

◆ scop

scop_p poly_bb::scop

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