GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ifc_dr Struct Reference

Data Fields

bool rw_unconditionally
bool w_unconditionally
bool written_at_least_once
tree rw_predicate
tree w_predicate
tree base_w_predicate

Detailed Description

Records the status of a data reference.  This struct is attached to
each DR->aux field.   

Field Documentation

◆ base_w_predicate

tree ifc_dr::base_w_predicate

◆ rw_predicate

tree ifc_dr::rw_predicate

◆ rw_unconditionally

bool ifc_dr::rw_unconditionally

◆ w_predicate

tree ifc_dr::w_predicate

◆ w_unconditionally

bool ifc_dr::w_unconditionally

◆ written_at_least_once

bool ifc_dr::written_at_least_once

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