GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
assign_parm_data_one Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for assign_parm_data_one:

Data Fields

tree nominal_type
function_arg_info arg
rtx entry_parm
rtx stack_parm
machine_mode nominal_mode
machine_mode passed_mode
struct locate_and_pad_arg_data locate
int partial

Field Documentation

◆ arg

function_arg_info assign_parm_data_one::arg

◆ entry_parm

rtx assign_parm_data_one::entry_parm

◆ locate

struct locate_and_pad_arg_data assign_parm_data_one::locate

◆ nominal_mode

machine_mode assign_parm_data_one::nominal_mode

◆ nominal_type

tree assign_parm_data_one::nominal_type

◆ partial

int assign_parm_data_one::partial

◆ passed_mode

machine_mode assign_parm_data_one::passed_mode

◆ stack_parm

rtx assign_parm_data_one::stack_parm

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