GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
fieldoff Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size
unsigned has_unknown_size: 1
unsigned must_have_pointers: 1
unsigned may_have_pointers: 1
unsigned only_restrict_pointers: 1
tree restrict_pointed_type

Detailed Description

This structure is used during pushing fields onto the fieldstack
to track the offset of the field, since bitpos_of_field gives it
relative to its immediate containing type, and we want it relative
to the ultimate containing object.   

Field Documentation

◆ has_unknown_size

unsigned fieldoff::has_unknown_size

◆ may_have_pointers

unsigned fieldoff::may_have_pointers

◆ must_have_pointers

unsigned fieldoff::must_have_pointers

◆ offset

◆ only_restrict_pointers

unsigned fieldoff::only_restrict_pointers

◆ restrict_pointed_type

tree fieldoff::restrict_pointed_type

◆ size

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT fieldoff::size

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