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ipa_call_arg_values Class Reference

#include <ipa-prop.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ipa_call_arg_values ()
 ipa_call_arg_values (ipa_auto_call_arg_values *aavals)
tree safe_sval_at (int index)

Data Fields

vec< treem_known_vals = vNULL
vec< ipa_polymorphic_call_contextm_known_contexts = vNULL
vec< ipa_argagg_valuem_known_aggs = vNULL
vec< Value_Rangem_known_value_ranges = vNULL

Detailed Description

Class bundling the various potentially known properties about actual
arguments of a particular call.  This variant does not deallocate the
bundled data in any way as the vectors can either be pointing to vectors in
ipa_auto_call_arg_values or be allocated independently.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ipa_call_arg_values() [1/2]

ipa_call_arg_values::ipa_call_arg_values ( )

◆ ipa_call_arg_values() [2/2]

ipa_call_arg_values::ipa_call_arg_values ( ipa_auto_call_arg_values * aavals)

Member Function Documentation

◆ safe_sval_at()

tree ipa_call_arg_values::safe_sval_at ( int index)

References m_known_vals, and NULL.

Field Documentation

◆ m_known_aggs

◆ m_known_contexts

◆ m_known_vals

◆ m_known_value_ranges

vec<Value_Range> ipa_call_arg_values::m_known_value_ranges = vNULL

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