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gensum_param_access Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for gensum_param_access:

Data Fields

struct gensum_param_accessfirst_child
struct gensum_param_accessnext_sibling
tree type
tree alias_ptr_type
profile_count load_count
bool nonarg
bool reverse

Detailed Description

This structure has the same purpose as the one above and additionally it
contains some fields that are only necessary in the summary generation

Field Documentation

◆ alias_ptr_type

tree gensum_param_access::alias_ptr_type

◆ first_child

struct gensum_param_access* gensum_param_access::first_child

◆ load_count

profile_count gensum_param_access::load_count

◆ next_sibling

struct gensum_param_access* gensum_param_access::next_sibling

◆ nonarg

bool gensum_param_access::nonarg

◆ offset

HOST_WIDE_INT gensum_param_access::offset

◆ reverse

bool gensum_param_access::reverse

◆ size

HOST_WIDE_INT gensum_param_access::size

◆ type

tree gensum_param_access::type

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