GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
hwloop_info_d Struct Reference

#include <hw-doloop.h>

Collaboration diagram for hwloop_info_d:

Data Fields

int loop_no
hwloop_info next
vec< basic_blockblocks
bitmap block_bitmap
vec< hwloop_infoloops
vec< edge, va_gc > * incoming
basic_block incoming_src
basic_block incoming_dest
basic_block head
basic_block tail
basic_block successor
rtx iter_reg
rtx end_label
int length
int depth
bool bad
bool visited
bool has_call
bool has_asm
bool jumps_within
bool jumps_outof
bool iter_reg_used
bool iter_reg_used_outside
HARD_REG_SET regs_set_in_loop

Detailed Description

Information about a loop we have found (or are in the process of

Field Documentation

◆ bad

bool hwloop_info_d::bad

Referenced by discover_loops(), and optimize_loop().

◆ block_bitmap

bitmap hwloop_info_d::block_bitmap

Referenced by discover_loops().

◆ blocks

vec<basic_block> hwloop_info_d::blocks

◆ depth

int hwloop_info_d::depth

Referenced by optimize_loop().

◆ end_label

rtx hwloop_info_d::end_label

◆ has_asm

bool hwloop_info_d::has_asm

◆ has_call

bool hwloop_info_d::has_call

◆ head

basic_block hwloop_info_d::head

◆ incoming

vec<edge, va_gc>* hwloop_info_d::incoming

◆ incoming_dest

basic_block hwloop_info_d::incoming_dest

◆ incoming_src

basic_block hwloop_info_d::incoming_src

◆ iter_reg

rtx hwloop_info_d::iter_reg

◆ iter_reg_used

bool hwloop_info_d::iter_reg_used

◆ iter_reg_used_outside

bool hwloop_info_d::iter_reg_used_outside

◆ jumps_outof

bool hwloop_info_d::jumps_outof

◆ jumps_within

bool hwloop_info_d::jumps_within

◆ last_insn

rtx_insn* hwloop_info_d::last_insn

◆ length

int hwloop_info_d::length

◆ loop_end

rtx_insn* hwloop_info_d::loop_end

◆ loop_no

int hwloop_info_d::loop_no

Referenced by discover_loops().

◆ loops

vec<hwloop_info> hwloop_info_d::loops

Referenced by discover_loops().

◆ next

hwloop_info hwloop_info_d::next

Referenced by discover_loops().

◆ regs_set_in_loop

HARD_REG_SET hwloop_info_d::regs_set_in_loop

Referenced by optimize_loop().

◆ start_label

rtx_insn* hwloop_info_d::start_label

◆ successor

basic_block hwloop_info_d::successor

◆ tail

basic_block hwloop_info_d::tail

◆ visited

bool hwloop_info_d::visited

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