GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
adjust_nested_loop_clauses_wi_info Struct Reference

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Helper for make_region_loop_nest, looking for 'worker (num: N)' or 'vector
(length: N)' clauses in nested loops.  Removes the argument, transferring it
to the enclosing compute construct (via WI->INFO).  If arguments within the
same loop nest conflict, emits a warning.

This function also decides whether to add an 'auto' clause on each of these
nested loops.   

Field Documentation

◆ loop_gang_clause_ptr

tree* adjust_nested_loop_clauses_wi_info::loop_gang_clause_ptr

◆ loop_vector_clause_ptr

tree* adjust_nested_loop_clauses_wi_info::loop_vector_clause_ptr

◆ loop_worker_clause_ptr

tree* adjust_nested_loop_clauses_wi_info::loop_worker_clause_ptr

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