GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ipcp_param_lattices Class Reference

#include <ipa-cp.h>

Collaboration diagram for ipcp_param_lattices:

Data Fields

ipcp_lattice< treeitself
ipcp_lattice< ipa_polymorphic_call_contextctxlat
ipcp_agg_latticeaggs = nullptr
ipcp_bits_lattice bits_lattice
ipcp_vr_lattice m_value_range
int aggs_count = 0
bool aggs_by_ref = false
bool aggs_contain_variable = false
bool aggs_bottom = false
bool virt_call = false

Detailed Description

Structure containing lattices for a parameter itself and for pieces of
aggregates that are passed in the parameter or by a reference in a parameter
plus some other useful flags.

Even after construction, m_value_range parts still need to be initialized
with the type they represent with the init method.   

Field Documentation

◆ aggs

◆ aggs_bottom

◆ aggs_by_ref

◆ aggs_contain_variable

◆ aggs_count

int ipcp_param_lattices::aggs_count = 0

Referenced by merge_agg_lats_step().

◆ bits_lattice

◆ ctxlat

◆ itself

◆ m_value_range

◆ virt_call

bool ipcp_param_lattices::virt_call = false

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