GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ipa_adjusted_param Struct Reference

#include <ipa-param-manipulation.h>

Data Fields

tree type
tree alias_ptr_type
unsigned unit_offset
unsigned base_index: IPA_PARAM_MAX_INDEX_BITS
unsigned prev_clone_index: IPA_PARAM_MAX_INDEX_BITS
enum ipa_parm_op op: 2
unsigned prev_clone_adjustment: 1
unsigned param_prefix_index: 2
unsigned reverse: 1
unsigned user_flag: 1

Detailed Description

Structure that describes one parameter of a function after transformation.
Omitted parameters will be removed.   

Field Documentation

◆ alias_ptr_type

tree ipa_adjusted_param::alias_ptr_type

◆ base_index

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::base_index

◆ op

enum ipa_parm_op ipa_adjusted_param::op

◆ param_prefix_index

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::param_prefix_index

◆ prev_clone_adjustment

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::prev_clone_adjustment

◆ prev_clone_index

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::prev_clone_index

◆ reverse

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::reverse

◆ type

tree ipa_adjusted_param::type

◆ unit_offset

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::unit_offset

◆ user_flag

unsigned ipa_adjusted_param::user_flag

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