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store_info Class Reference
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Data Fields

bool is_set
bool is_large
int group_id
rtx mem
rtx mem_addr
poly_int64 offset
poly_int64 width
unsigned char addrspace
union { 
   unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT   small_bitmask 
   struct { 
      bitmap   bmap 
      int   count 
   }   large 
class store_infonext
rtx rhs
rtx const_rhs
struct insn_info_typeredundant_reason

Detailed Description

This structure holds information about a candidate store.   

Field Documentation

◆ addrspace

unsigned char store_info::addrspace

Referenced by record_store().

◆ bmap

◆ const_rhs

◆ count

◆ cse_base

◆ group_id

◆ is_large

◆ is_set

◆ [struct]

◆ mem

◆ mem_addr

rtx store_info::mem_addr

Referenced by check_mem_read_rtx(), and record_store().

◆ next

◆ offset

◆ [union]

◆ redundant_reason

struct insn_info_type* store_info::redundant_reason

Referenced by dse_step1(), dse_step6(), and record_store().

◆ rhs

◆ small_bitmask

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT store_info::small_bitmask

◆ width

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