GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
data_in Class Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for data_in:

Data Fields

struct lto_file_decl_datafile_data
const char * strings
unsigned int strings_len
vec< ld_plugin_symbol_resolution_tglobals_resolution
struct streamer_tree_cache_dreader_cache
lto_location_cache location_cache

Detailed Description

Data and descriptors used when reading from an LTO file.   

Field Documentation

◆ file_data

◆ globals_resolution

vec<ld_plugin_symbol_resolution_t> data_in::globals_resolution

◆ location_cache

◆ reader_cache

◆ strings

const char* data_in::strings

◆ strings_len

unsigned int data_in::strings_len

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