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lto_location_cache Class Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

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Data Structures

struct  cached_location

Public Member Functions

bool apply_location_cache ()
void accept_location_cache ()
void revert_location_cache ()
void input_location (location_t *loc, struct bitpack_d *bp, class data_in *data_in)
void input_location_and_block (location_t *loc, struct bitpack_d *bp, class lto_input_block *ib, class data_in *data_in)
 lto_location_cache ()
 ~lto_location_cache ()

Static Public Attributes

static lto_location_cachecurrent_cache

Static Private Member Functions

static int cmp_loc (const void *pa, const void *pb)

Private Attributes

auto_vec< cached_locationloc_cache
int accepted_length
const charcurrent_file
int current_line
int current_col
bool current_sysp
location_t current_loc
tree current_block
unsigned current_discr

Detailed Description

The location cache holds expanded locations for streamed in trees.
This is done to reduce memory usage of libcpp linemap that strongly prefers
locations to be inserted in the source order.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ lto_location_cache()

lto_location_cache::lto_location_cache ( )

References current_cache, and gcc_assert.

◆ ~lto_location_cache()

lto_location_cache::~lto_location_cache ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept_location_cache()

void lto_location_cache::accept_location_cache ( )
Tree merging did not succeed; mark all changes in the cache as accepted.   

References accepted_length, current_cache, gcc_assert, and loc_cache.

◆ apply_location_cache()

◆ cmp_loc()

int lto_location_cache::cmp_loc ( const void * pa,
const void * pb )
Sort locations in source order. Start with file from last application.   

References a, b, BLOCK_NUMBER, current_cache, current_file, current_line, ggc_alloc(), and NULL_TREE.

Referenced by apply_location_cache().

◆ input_location()

void lto_location_cache::input_location ( location_t * loc,
struct bitpack_d * bp,
class data_in * data_in )
Read a location bitpack from bit pack BP and either update *LOC directly
or add it to the location cache.
It is neccesary to call apply_location_cache to get *LOC updated.   

References ggc_alloc(), input_location_and_block(), and NULL.

Referenced by lto_input_location().

◆ input_location_and_block()

void lto_location_cache::input_location_and_block ( location_t * loc,
struct bitpack_d * bp,
class lto_input_block * ib,
class data_in * data_in )
Read a location bitpack from bit pack BP and either update *LOC directly
or add it to the location cache.  If IB is non-NULL, stream in a block
It is neccesary to call apply_location_cache to get *LOC updated.   

References bp_unpack_int_in_range(), bp_unpack_string(), bp_unpack_value(), bp_unpack_var_len_unsigned(), canon_file_name(), canon_relative_path_prefix(), current_block, current_cache, current_col, current_discr, current_file, current_line, current_loc, current_sysp, gcc_assert, get_src_pwd(), ggc_alloc(), loc_cache, LOCATION_LOCUS, NULL, NULL_TREE, set_block(), src_pwd, and stream_read_tree.

Referenced by input_cfg(), input_gimple_stmt(), input_location(), and input_phi().

◆ revert_location_cache()

void lto_location_cache::revert_location_cache ( )
Tree merging did succeed; throw away recent changes.   

References accepted_length, and loc_cache.

Referenced by ipa_odr_read_section().

Field Documentation

◆ accepted_length

int lto_location_cache::accepted_length

◆ current_block

tree lto_location_cache::current_block

◆ current_cache

lto_location_cache * lto_location_cache::current_cache
Pointer to currently alive instance of lto_location_cache.   

Referenced by accept_location_cache(), add_type_duplicate(), cmp_loc(), input_location_and_block(), lto_location_cache(), warn_odr(), and ~lto_location_cache().

◆ current_col

int lto_location_cache::current_col

◆ current_discr

unsigned lto_location_cache::current_discr

◆ current_file

const char* lto_location_cache::current_file

◆ current_line

int lto_location_cache::current_line

◆ current_loc

location_t lto_location_cache::current_loc

◆ current_sysp

bool lto_location_cache::current_sysp

◆ loc_cache

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