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lra_reg Class Reference

#include <lra-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for lra_reg:

Data Fields

bitmap_head insn_bitmap
HARD_REG_SET conflict_hard_regs
HARD_REG_SET exclude_start_hard_regs
int preferred_hard_regno1
int preferred_hard_regno2
int preferred_hard_regno_profit1
int preferred_hard_regno_profit2
int nrefs
int freq
int last_reload
rtx restore_rtx
int val
poly_int64 offset
machine_mode biggest_mode
lra_live_range_t live_ranges
lra_copy_t copies

Detailed Description

Common info about a register (pseudo or hard register).   

Field Documentation

◆ biggest_mode

◆ conflict_hard_regs

◆ copies

◆ exclude_start_hard_regs

◆ freq

◆ insn_bitmap

◆ last_reload

int lra_reg::last_reload

◆ live_ranges

◆ nrefs

◆ offset

◆ preferred_hard_regno1

◆ preferred_hard_regno2

◆ preferred_hard_regno_profit1

◆ preferred_hard_regno_profit2

◆ restore_rtx

◆ val

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