GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cgraph_simd_clone Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Collaboration diagram for cgraph_simd_clone:

Data Fields

poly_uint64 simdlen
unsigned int nargs
poly_uint64 vecsize_int
poly_uint64 vecsize_float
machine_mode mask_mode
unsigned char vecsize_mangle
unsigned int inbranch: 1
cgraph_simd_clone_arg args [1]

Detailed Description

Specific data for a SIMD function clone.   

Field Documentation

◆ args

◆ inbranch

unsigned int cgraph_simd_clone::inbranch

◆ mask_mode

machine_mode cgraph_simd_clone::mask_mode

◆ nargs

◆ next_clone

◆ origin

cgraph_node* cgraph_simd_clone::origin

Referenced by expand_simd_clones().

◆ prev_clone

cgraph_node* cgraph_simd_clone::prev_clone

Referenced by expand_simd_clones().

◆ simdlen

◆ vecsize_float

poly_uint64 cgraph_simd_clone::vecsize_float

◆ vecsize_int

poly_uint64 cgraph_simd_clone::vecsize_int

◆ vecsize_mangle

unsigned char cgraph_simd_clone::vecsize_mangle

Referenced by simd_clone_mangle().

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