GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cgraph_simd_clone_arg Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Data Fields

tree orig_arg
tree orig_type
tree vector_arg
tree vector_type
tree simd_array
enum cgraph_simd_clone_arg_type arg_type
unsigned int alignment
HOST_WIDE_INT linear_step

Detailed Description

Function arguments in the original function of a SIMD clone.
Supplementary data for `struct simd_clone'.   

Field Documentation

◆ alignment

unsigned int cgraph_simd_clone_arg::alignment

◆ arg_type

◆ linear_step

HOST_WIDE_INT cgraph_simd_clone_arg::linear_step

◆ orig_arg

tree cgraph_simd_clone_arg::orig_arg

◆ orig_type

tree cgraph_simd_clone_arg::orig_type

◆ simd_array

tree cgraph_simd_clone_arg::simd_array

◆ vector_arg

tree cgraph_simd_clone_arg::vector_arg

◆ vector_type

tree cgraph_simd_clone_arg::vector_type

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