GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
vn_reference_op_struct Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-sccvn.h>

Collaboration diagram for vn_reference_op_struct:

Data Fields

enum tree_code opcode: 16
unsigned short clique
unsigned short base
unsigned reverse: 1
unsigned align: 6
poly_int64 off
tree type
tree op0
tree op1
tree op2

Detailed Description

Reference operands only exist in reference operations structures.
They consist of an opcode, type, and some number of operands.  For
a given opcode, some, all, or none of the operands may be used.
The operands are there to store the information that makes up the
portion of the addressing calculation that opcode performs.   

Field Documentation

◆ align

unsigned vn_reference_op_struct::align

◆ base

unsigned short vn_reference_op_struct::base

◆ clique

◆ off

◆ op0

◆ op1

◆ op2

tree vn_reference_op_struct::op2

◆ opcode

◆ reverse

unsigned vn_reference_op_struct::reverse

◆ type

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