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position Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct positionbase
struct positionnext
struct positionxexps
struct positionxvecexp0s
enum position_type type
int arg
unsigned int insn_id
unsigned int depth
unsigned int id

Detailed Description

The position of an rtx relative to X0.  Each useful position is
represented by exactly one instance of this structure.   

Field Documentation

◆ arg

int position::arg

◆ base

◆ depth

unsigned int position::depth

Referenced by next_position().

◆ id

◆ insn_id

unsigned int position::insn_id

Referenced by next_position().

◆ next

struct position* position::next

◆ type

◆ xexps

struct position* position::xexps

Referenced by match_pattern_2().

◆ xvecexp0s

struct position* position::xvecexp0s

Referenced by match_pattern_2().

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