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edit_context Class Reference

#include <edit-context.h>

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Public Member Functions

 edit_context (file_cache &)
bool valid_p () const
void add_fixits (rich_location *richloc)
char * get_content (const char *filename)
int get_effective_column (const char *filename, int line, int column)
char * generate_diff (bool show_filenames)
void print_diff (pretty_printer *pp, bool show_filenames)
file_cacheget_file_cache () const

Private Member Functions

bool apply_fixit (const fixit_hint *hint)
edited_fileget_file (const char *filename)
edited_fileget_or_insert_file (const char *filename)

Private Attributes

bool m_valid
typed_splay_tree< const char *, edited_file * > m_files

Detailed Description

A set of changes to the source code.

The changes are "atomic" - if any changes can't be applied,
none of them can be (tracked by the m_valid flag).
Similarly, attempts to add the changes from a rich_location flagged
as containing invalid changes mean that the whole of the edit_context
is flagged as invalid.

A complication here is that fix-its are expressed relative to coordinates
in the files when they were parsed, before any changes have been made, and
so if there's more that one fix-it to be applied, we have to adjust
later fix-its to allow for the changes made by earlier ones.  This
is done by the various "get_effective_column" methods.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ edit_context()

edit_context::edit_context ( file_cache & fc)
Implementation of class edit_context.   
edit_context's ctor.   

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_fixits()

void edit_context::add_fixits ( rich_location * richloc)
Add any fixits within RICHLOC to this context, recording the
changes that they make.   

References apply_fixit(), i, and m_valid.

Referenced by diagnostic_context::report_diagnostic().

◆ apply_fixit()

bool edit_context::apply_fixit ( const fixit_hint * hint)
Attempt to apply the given fixit.  Return true if it can be
applied, or false otherwise.   

References edited_file::apply_fixit(), expand_location(), get_or_insert_file(), and m_valid.

Referenced by add_fixits().

◆ generate_diff()

char * edit_context::generate_diff ( bool show_filenames)
Generate a unified diff.  The resulting string should be freed by the
caller.  Primarily for selftests.
If any errors occurred in this edit_context, return NULL.   

References m_valid, NULL, pp_formatted_text(), and print_diff().

◆ get_content()

char * edit_context::get_content ( const char * filename)
Get the content of the given file, with fix-its applied.
If any errors occurred in this edit_context, return NULL.
The ptr should be freed by the caller.   

References edited_file::get_content(), get_or_insert_file(), m_valid, and NULL.

◆ get_effective_column()

int edit_context::get_effective_column ( const char * filename,
int line,
int column )
Map a location before the edits to a column number after the edits.
This method is for the selftests.   

References edited_file::get_effective_column(), and get_file().

◆ get_file()

edited_file * edit_context::get_file ( const char * filename)
Locate the edited_file * for FILENAME, if any
Return NULL if there isn't one.   

References gcc_assert, typed_splay_tree< KEY_TYPE, VALUE_TYPE >::lookup(), and m_files.

Referenced by get_effective_column(), and get_or_insert_file().

◆ get_file_cache()

file_cache & edit_context::get_file_cache ( ) const

References m_file_cache.

Referenced by edited_file::get_file_cache().

◆ get_or_insert_file()

edited_file & edit_context::get_or_insert_file ( const char * filename)
Locate the edited_file for FILENAME, adding one if there isn't one.   

References gcc_assert, get_file(), typed_splay_tree< KEY_TYPE, VALUE_TYPE >::insert(), and m_files.

Referenced by apply_fixit(), and get_content().

◆ print_diff()

void edit_context::print_diff ( pretty_printer * pp,
bool show_filenames )
Print a unified diff to PP, showing the changes made within the

References edited_file::call_print_diff(), typed_splay_tree< KEY_TYPE, VALUE_TYPE >::foreach(), m_files, and m_valid.

Referenced by generate_diff().

◆ valid_p()

bool edit_context::valid_p ( ) const

References m_valid.

Field Documentation

◆ m_file_cache

file_cache& edit_context::m_file_cache

Referenced by get_file_cache().

◆ m_files

typed_splay_tree<const char *, edited_file *> edit_context::m_files

◆ m_valid

bool edit_context::m_valid

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