GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ggc_globals Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ggc_globals:

Data Fields

page_entrypages [NUM_ORDERS]
page_entrypage_tails [NUM_ORDERS]
page_table lookup
size_t pagesize
size_t lg_pagesize
size_t allocated
size_t allocated_last_gc
size_t bytes_mapped
unsigned long context_depth_allocations
unsigned long context_depth_collections
unsigned short context_depth
FILE * debug_file
unsigned int depth_in_use
unsigned int depth_max
unsigned int * depth
unsigned int by_depth_in_use
unsigned int by_depth_max
page_entry ** by_depth
unsigned long ** save_in_use
vec< vec< finalizer > > finalizers
vec< vec< vec_finalizer > > vec_finalizers
struct { 
   unsigned long long   total_allocated 
   unsigned long long   total_overhead 
   unsigned long long   total_allocated_under32 
   unsigned long long   total_overhead_under32 
   unsigned long long   total_allocated_under64 
   unsigned long long   total_overhead_under64 
   unsigned long long   total_allocated_under128 
   unsigned long long   total_overhead_under128 
   unsigned long long   total_allocated_per_order [NUM_ORDERS
   unsigned long long   total_overhead_per_order [NUM_ORDERS

Detailed Description

The rest of the global variables.   

Field Documentation

◆ allocated

◆ allocated_last_gc

size_t ggc_globals::allocated_last_gc

◆ by_depth

page_entry** ggc_globals::by_depth

◆ by_depth_in_use

unsigned int ggc_globals::by_depth_in_use

◆ by_depth_max

unsigned int ggc_globals::by_depth_max

◆ bytes_mapped

size_t ggc_globals::bytes_mapped

◆ context_depth

unsigned short ggc_globals::context_depth

◆ context_depth_allocations

unsigned long ggc_globals::context_depth_allocations

Referenced by alloc_page().

◆ context_depth_collections

unsigned long ggc_globals::context_depth_collections

Referenced by ggc_collect().

◆ debug_file

◆ depth

unsigned int* ggc_globals::depth

Referenced by init_ggc(), and push_depth().

◆ depth_in_use

unsigned int ggc_globals::depth_in_use

◆ depth_max

unsigned int ggc_globals::depth_max

Referenced by init_ggc(), and push_depth().

◆ finalizers

vec<vec<finalizer> > ggc_globals::finalizers

◆ free_pages

page_entry* ggc_globals::free_pages

◆ lg_pagesize

size_t ggc_globals::lg_pagesize

◆ lookup

◆ page_groups

page_group* ggc_globals::page_groups

Referenced by alloc_page(), and release_pages().

◆ page_tails

◆ pages

◆ pagesize

size_t ggc_globals::pagesize

◆ save_in_use

unsigned long** ggc_globals::save_in_use

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } ggc_globals::stats

◆ total_allocated

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_allocated

◆ total_allocated_per_order

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_allocated_per_order[NUM_ORDERS]

◆ total_allocated_under128

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_allocated_under128

◆ total_allocated_under32

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_allocated_under32

◆ total_allocated_under64

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_allocated_under64

◆ total_overhead

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_overhead

◆ total_overhead_per_order

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_overhead_per_order[NUM_ORDERS]

◆ total_overhead_under128

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_overhead_under128

◆ total_overhead_under32

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_overhead_under32

◆ total_overhead_under64

unsigned long long ggc_globals::total_overhead_under64

◆ vec_finalizers

vec<vec<vec_finalizer> > ggc_globals::vec_finalizers

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