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leh_tf_state Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for leh_tf_state:

Data Fields

gimple_seq top_p_seq
struct leh_stateouter
eh_region region
struct goto_queue_nodegoto_queue
size_t goto_queue_size
size_t goto_queue_active
hash_map< gimple *, goto_queue_node * > * goto_queue_map
vec< treedest_array
tree fallthru_label
bool may_fallthru
bool may_return
bool may_throw

Field Documentation

◆ dest_array

◆ fallthru_label

◆ goto_queue

◆ goto_queue_active

◆ goto_queue_map

hash_map<gimple *, goto_queue_node *>* leh_tf_state::goto_queue_map

◆ goto_queue_size

size_t leh_tf_state::goto_queue_size

Referenced by record_in_goto_queue().

◆ may_fallthru

◆ may_return

◆ may_throw

◆ outer

struct leh_state* leh_tf_state::outer

◆ region

◆ top_p

◆ top_p_seq

◆ try_finally_expr

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