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fma_deferring_state Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for fma_deferring_state:

Public Member Functions

 fma_deferring_state (bool perform_deferring)

Data Fields

auto_vec< fma_transformation_info, 8 > m_candidates
hash_set< treem_mul_result_set
tree m_last_result
bool m_deferring_p

Detailed Description

Structure containing the current state of FMA deferring, i.e. whether we are
deferring, whether to continue deferring, and all data necessary to come
back and perform all deferred transformations.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ fma_deferring_state()

fma_deferring_state::fma_deferring_state ( bool perform_deferring)

Field Documentation

◆ m_candidates

auto_vec<fma_transformation_info, 8> fma_deferring_state::m_candidates

◆ m_deferring_p

bool fma_deferring_state::m_deferring_p

◆ m_initial_phi

gphi* fma_deferring_state::m_initial_phi

◆ m_last_result

tree fma_deferring_state::m_last_result

◆ m_mul_result_set

hash_set<tree> fma_deferring_state::m_mul_result_set

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