GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lower_emutls_data Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for lower_emutls_data:

Data Fields

struct cgraph_nodecfun_node
struct cgraph_nodebuiltin_node
tree builtin_decl
basic_block bb
location_t loc
gimple_seq seq

Field Documentation

◆ bb

basic_block lower_emutls_data::bb

◆ builtin_decl

tree lower_emutls_data::builtin_decl

◆ builtin_node

struct cgraph_node* lower_emutls_data::builtin_node

◆ cfun_node

struct cgraph_node* lower_emutls_data::cfun_node

◆ loc

location_t lower_emutls_data::loc

◆ seq

gimple_seq lower_emutls_data::seq

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