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vec_rtx_properties_base Class Reference

#include <rtlanal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 vec_rtx_properties_base ()
 ~vec_rtx_properties_base ()
void try_to_add_reg (const_rtx x, unsigned int flags=0)
void try_to_add_dest (const_rtx x, unsigned int flags=0)
void try_to_add_src (const_rtx x, unsigned int flags=0)
void try_to_add_pattern (const_rtx pat)
void try_to_add_note (const_rtx x)
void try_to_add_insn (const rtx_insn *insn, bool include_notes)
iterator_range< rtx_obj_reference * > refs () const
size_t num_refs () const
bool has_side_effects () const

Data Fields

unsigned int has_asm: 1
unsigned int has_call: 1
unsigned int has_pre_post_modify: 1
unsigned int has_volatile_refs: 1
unsigned int spare: 28

Protected Member Functions

void grow (ptrdiff_t)

Private Attributes

rtx_obj_reference m_storage [SIZE]

Static Private Attributes

static const size_t SIZE = 32

Detailed Description

A base class for vec_rtx_properties; see there for details.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vec_rtx_properties_base()

vec_rtx_properties_base::vec_rtx_properties_base ( )

◆ ~vec_rtx_properties_base()

vec_rtx_properties_base::~vec_rtx_properties_base ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ grow()

void vec_rtx_properties_base::grow ( ptrdiff_t start)
Grow the storage by a bit while keeping the contents of the first
START elements.   

References ggc_alloc(), m_storage, rtx_properties::ref_begin, rtx_properties::ref_end, and rtx_properties::ref_iter.

◆ has_side_effects()

bool rtx_properties::has_side_effects ( ) const
Return true if the rtx has side effects, in the sense of
side_effects_p (except for side_effects_p's special handling
of combine.cc clobbers).   

References rtx_properties::has_call, rtx_properties::has_pre_post_modify, and rtx_properties::has_volatile_refs.

◆ num_refs()

size_t rtx_properties::num_refs ( ) const

◆ refs()

iterator_range< rtx_obj_reference * > rtx_properties::refs ( ) const
Return an iterator range for all the references, suitable for
range-based for loops.   

References rtx_properties::ref_begin, and rtx_properties::ref_iter.

◆ try_to_add_dest()

◆ try_to_add_insn()

void rtx_properties::try_to_add_insn ( const rtx_insn * insn,
bool include_notes )
Try to add a description of INSN to this object, stopping once
the REF_END limit has been reached.  INCLUDE_NOTES is true if the
description should include REG_EQUAL and REG_EQUIV notes; all such
references will then be marked with rtx_obj_flags::IN_NOTE.

For calls, this description includes all accesses in
CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE.  It also include all implicit accesses
to global registers by the target function.  However, it does not
include clobbers performed by the target function; callers that want
this information should instead use the function_abi interface.   

References CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE, CALL_P, find_reg_note(), GET_CODE, ggc_alloc(), global_reg_set, global_regs, hard_reg_set_empty_p(), rtx_obj_flags::IS_CLOBBER, rtx_obj_flags::IS_READ, rtx_obj_flags::IS_WRITE, MEM_REGNO, NULL_RTX, PATTERN(), rtx_properties::ref_end, rtx_properties::ref_iter, REG_NOTE_KIND, REG_NOTES, reg_raw_mode, RTL_CONST_CALL_P, RTL_PURE_CALL_P, targetm, rtx_properties::try_to_add_dest(), rtx_properties::try_to_add_note(), rtx_properties::try_to_add_pattern(), rtx_properties::try_to_add_src(), and XEXP.

◆ try_to_add_note()

void rtx_properties::try_to_add_note ( const_rtx x)
Like add_src, but treat X has being part of a REG_EQUAL or
REG_EQUIV note.   

References rtx_obj_flags::IN_NOTE, and rtx_properties::try_to_add_src().

Referenced by rtx_properties::try_to_add_insn().

◆ try_to_add_pattern()

void rtx_properties::try_to_add_pattern ( const_rtx pat)

◆ try_to_add_reg()

void rtx_properties::try_to_add_reg ( const_rtx x,
unsigned int flags = 0 )
Try to add a description of REG X to this object, stopping once
the REF_END limit has been reached.  FLAGS is a bitmask of
rtx_obj_reference flags that describe the context.   

References END_REGNO(), GET_MODE, rtx_obj_flags::IS_MULTIREG, rtx_properties::ref_end, rtx_properties::ref_iter, REG_NREGS, and REGNO.

Referenced by rtx_properties::try_to_add_dest(), and rtx_properties::try_to_add_src().

◆ try_to_add_src()

Field Documentation

◆ has_asm

unsigned int rtx_properties::has_asm

◆ has_call

unsigned int rtx_properties::has_call

◆ has_pre_post_modify

unsigned int rtx_properties::has_pre_post_modify

◆ has_volatile_refs

unsigned int rtx_properties::has_volatile_refs

◆ m_storage

rtx_obj_reference vec_rtx_properties_base::m_storage[SIZE]

◆ ref_begin

◆ ref_end

◆ ref_iter


const size_t vec_rtx_properties_base::SIZE = 32

Referenced by vec_rtx_properties_base().

◆ spare

unsigned int rtx_properties::spare

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