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fixup_insn_uid Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 fixup_insn_uid (file_location loc, rtx insn, int operand_idx, int insn_uid)
void apply (function_reader *reader) const final override

Protected Attributes

int m_operand_idx
file_location m_loc
rtx m_rtx

Private Attributes

int m_insn_uid

Detailed Description

A concrete subclass of operand_fixup: fixup an rtx_insn *
field based on an integer UID.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ fixup_insn_uid()

fixup_insn_uid::fixup_insn_uid ( file_location loc,
rtx insn,
int operand_idx,
int insn_uid )

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

void fixup_insn_uid::apply ( function_reader * reader) const
Fixup an rtx_insn * field based on an integer UID, as read by READER.   

Implements fixup.

References error_at(), function_reader::get_insn_by_uid(), get_operand_name(), INSN_UID(), m_insn_uid, fixup::m_loc, operand_fixup::m_operand_idx, fixup::m_rtx, and XEXP.

Field Documentation

◆ m_insn_uid

int fixup_insn_uid::m_insn_uid

Referenced by apply().

◆ m_loc

file_location fixup::m_loc

Referenced by apply().

◆ m_operand_idx

int operand_fixup::m_operand_idx

Referenced by apply().

◆ m_rtx

rtx fixup::m_rtx

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