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fold_using_range Class Reference

#include <gimple-range-fold.h>

Public Member Functions

bool fold_stmt (vrange &r, gimple *s, class fur_source &src, tree name=NULL_TREE)

Protected Member Functions

bool range_of_range_op (vrange &r, gimple_range_op_handler &handler, fur_source &src)
bool range_of_call (vrange &r, gcall *call, fur_source &src)
bool range_of_cond_expr (vrange &r, gassign *cond, fur_source &src)
bool range_of_address (prange &r, gimple *s, fur_source &src)
bool range_of_phi (vrange &r, gphi *phi, fur_source &src)
void range_of_ssa_name_with_loop_info (vrange &, tree, class loop *, gphi *, fur_source &src)
void relation_fold_and_or (irange &lhs_range, gimple *s, fur_source &src, vrange &op1, vrange &op2)
bool condexpr_adjust (vrange &r1, vrange &r2, gimple *, tree cond, tree op1, tree op2, fur_source &src)

Member Function Documentation

◆ condexpr_adjust()

◆ fold_stmt()

◆ range_of_address()

◆ range_of_call()

◆ range_of_cond_expr()

◆ range_of_phi()

◆ range_of_range_op()

◆ range_of_ssa_name_with_loop_info()

void fold_using_range::range_of_ssa_name_with_loop_info ( vrange & r,
tree name,
class loop * l,
gphi * phi,
fur_source & src )

◆ relation_fold_and_or()

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