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Data Structures

class  range_operator
class  range_op_handler
class  range_op_table


#define OP_WIDEN_MULT_SIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES)
#define OP_WIDEN_MULT_UNSIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 1)
#define OP_WIDEN_PLUS_SIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 2)
#define OP_WIDEN_PLUS_UNSIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 3)
#define RANGE_OP_TABLE_SIZE   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 4)


bool range_cast (vrange &r, tree type)
bool range_cast (Value_Range &r, tree type)
void wi_set_zero_nonzero_bits (tree type, const wide_int &, const wide_int &, wide_int &maybe_nonzero, wide_int &mustbe_nonzero)

Macro Definition Documentation




#define OP_WIDEN_PLUS_SIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 2)


#define OP_WIDEN_PLUS_UNSIGNED   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 3)


#define RANGE_OP_TABLE_SIZE   ((unsigned) MAX_TREE_CODES + 4)

Function Documentation

◆ range_cast() [1/2]

bool range_cast ( Value_Range & r,
tree type )

References ggc_alloc(), and r.

◆ range_cast() [2/2]

◆ wi_set_zero_nonzero_bits()