GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
iterator_group Struct Reference

Data Fields

htab_t attrs
htab_t iterators
const char * type
HOST_WIDE_INT(* find_builtin )(const char *)
void(* apply_iterator )(rtx, unsigned int, HOST_WIDE_INT)
const char *(* get_c_token )(int)
bool has_self_attr

Detailed Description

A structure for abstracting the common parts of iterators.   

Field Documentation

◆ apply_iterator

void(* iterator_group::apply_iterator) (rtx, unsigned int, HOST_WIDE_INT)

◆ attrs

htab_t iterator_group::attrs

◆ find_builtin

HOST_WIDE_INT(* iterator_group::find_builtin) (const char *)

◆ get_c_token

const char *(* iterator_group::get_c_token) (int)

◆ has_self_attr

bool iterator_group::has_self_attr

Referenced by map_attr_string().

◆ iterators

◆ type

const char* iterator_group::type

Referenced by initialize_iterators().

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