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qty_table_elem Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx const_rtx
rtx comparison_const
int comparison_qty
unsigned int first_reg
unsigned int last_reg
enum machine_mode mode: MACHINE_MODE_BITSIZE
enum rtx_code comparison_code: RTX_CODE_BITSIZE

Detailed Description

Per-qty information tracking.

`first_reg' and `last_reg' track the head and tail of the
chain of registers which currently contain this quantity.

`mode' contains the machine mode of this quantity.

`const_rtx' holds the rtx of the constant value of this
quantity, if known.  A summations of the frame/arg pointer
and a constant can also be entered here.  When this holds
a known value, `const_insn' is the insn which stored the
constant value.

`comparison_{code,const,qty}' are used to track when a
comparison between a quantity and some constant or register has
been passed.  In such a case, we know the results of the comparison
in case we see it again.  These members record a comparison that
is known to be true.  `comparison_code' holds the rtx code of such
a comparison, else it is set to UNKNOWN and the other two
comparison members are undefined.  `comparison_const' holds
the constant being compared against, or zero if the comparison
is not against a constant.  `comparison_qty' holds the quantity
being compared against when the result is known.  If the comparison
is not with a register, `comparison_qty' is -1.   

Field Documentation

◆ comparison_code

enum rtx_code qty_table_elem::comparison_code

◆ comparison_const

rtx qty_table_elem::comparison_const

◆ comparison_qty

int qty_table_elem::comparison_qty

◆ const_insn

rtx_insn* qty_table_elem::const_insn

Referenced by insert_with_costs().

◆ const_rtx

rtx qty_table_elem::const_rtx

◆ first_reg

unsigned int qty_table_elem::first_reg

◆ last_reg

unsigned int qty_table_elem::last_reg

Referenced by make_regs_eqv().

◆ mode

enum machine_mode qty_table_elem::mode

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