GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
vn_phi_s Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-sccvn.h>

Collaboration diagram for vn_phi_s:

Data Fields

unsigned int value_id
hashval_t hashcode
basic_block block
tree cclhs
tree ccrhs
tree type
tree result
tree phiargs [1]

Detailed Description

Phi nodes in the hashtable consist of their non-VN_TOP phi
arguments, and the basic block the phi is in. Result is the value
number of the operation, and hashcode is stored to avoid having to
calculate it repeatedly.  Phi nodes not in the same block are never
considered equivalent.   

Field Documentation

◆ block

basic_block vn_phi_s::block

◆ cclhs

tree vn_phi_s::cclhs

◆ ccrhs

tree vn_phi_s::ccrhs

◆ hashcode

hashval_t vn_phi_s::hashcode

Referenced by do_unwind().

◆ next

vn_phi_s* vn_phi_s::next

Referenced by do_unwind().

◆ phiargs

tree vn_phi_s::phiargs[1]

◆ result

tree vn_phi_s::result

Referenced by visit_nary_op(), and vn_phi_insert().

◆ type

tree vn_phi_s::type

◆ value_id

unsigned int vn_phi_s::value_id

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