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mem_attrs Class Reference

#include <rtl.h>

Collaboration diagram for mem_attrs:

Public Member Functions

 mem_attrs ()

Data Fields

tree expr
poly_int64 offset
poly_int64 size
alias_set_type alias
unsigned int align
unsigned char addrspace
bool offset_known_p
bool size_known_p

Detailed Description

Structure used to describe the attributes of a MEM.  These are hashed
so MEMs that the same attributes share a data structure.  This means
they cannot be modified in place.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ mem_attrs()

mem_attrs::mem_attrs ( )

Field Documentation

◆ addrspace

unsigned char mem_attrs::addrspace

◆ alias

alias_set_type mem_attrs::alias

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p().

◆ align

unsigned int mem_attrs::align

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p(), and set_mem_align().

◆ expr

tree mem_attrs::expr

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p().

◆ offset

poly_int64 mem_attrs::offset

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p().

◆ offset_known_p

bool mem_attrs::offset_known_p

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p().

◆ size

◆ size_known_p

bool mem_attrs::size_known_p

Referenced by mem_attrs_eq_p().

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