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function_info Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 function_info ()
 ~function_info ()
bool group_line_p (unsigned n, unsigned src_idx)
charget_demangled_name ()
charget_name ()
unsigned get_block_count ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool is_artificial (function_info *fn)

Data Fields

unsigned ident
unsigned lineno_checksum
unsigned cfg_checksum
unsigned has_catch: 1
unsigned artificial: 1
unsigned is_group: 1
vector< block_infoblocks
unsigned blocks_executed
vector< condition_info * > conditions
vector< gcov_typecounts
unsigned start_line
unsigned start_column
unsigned end_line
unsigned end_column
unsigned src
vector< line_infolines
class function_infonext

Detailed Description

Describes a single function. Contains an array of basic blocks.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ function_info()

function_info::function_info ( )

◆ ~function_info()

function_info::~function_info ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_block_count()

unsigned function_info::get_block_count ( )

References blocks.

Referenced by output_function_details().

◆ get_demangled_name()

char * function_info::get_demangled_name ( )

References ggc_alloc(), m_demangled_name, m_name, and NULL.

Referenced by get_name().

◆ get_name()

◆ group_line_p()

bool function_info::group_line_p ( unsigned n,
unsigned src_idx )

References end_line, ggc_alloc(), is_group, src, and start_line.

Referenced by add_line_counts().

◆ is_artificial()

static bool function_info::is_artificial ( function_info * fn)

References artificial.

Referenced by process_all_functions().

Field Documentation

◆ artificial

unsigned function_info::artificial

Referenced by is_artificial(), and read_graph_file().

◆ blocks

◆ blocks_executed

unsigned function_info::blocks_executed

◆ cfg_checksum

unsigned function_info::cfg_checksum

Referenced by read_count_file(), and read_graph_file().

◆ conditions

vector<condition_info*> function_info::conditions

Referenced by read_count_file(), and read_graph_file().

◆ counts

◆ end_column

unsigned function_info::end_column

Referenced by read_graph_file().

◆ end_line

unsigned function_info::end_line

◆ has_catch

unsigned function_info::has_catch

◆ ident

unsigned function_info::ident

Referenced by read_graph_file().

◆ is_group

unsigned function_info::is_group

◆ lineno_checksum

unsigned function_info::lineno_checksum

Referenced by read_count_file(), and read_graph_file().

◆ lines

◆ m_demangled_name

char* function_info::m_demangled_name

◆ m_name

char* function_info::m_name

◆ next

class function_info* function_info::next

◆ src

◆ start_column

unsigned function_info::start_column

◆ start_line

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