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source_info Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 source_info ()
vector< function_info * > * get_functions_at_location (unsigned line_num) const
void add_function (function_info *fn)
void debug ()

Data Fields

unsigned index
time_t file_time
vector< line_infolines
coverage_info coverage
unsigned int maximum_count
vector< function_info * > functions
vector< vector< function_info * > * > line_to_function_map

Detailed Description

Describes a file mentioned in the block graph.  Contains an array
of line info.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ source_info()

source_info::source_info ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_function()

void source_info::add_function ( function_info * fn)
Register a new function.   

References functions, ggc_alloc(), line_to_function_map, NULL, and function_info::start_line.

Referenced by process_all_functions().

◆ debug()

◆ get_functions_at_location()

vector< function_info * > * source_info::get_functions_at_location ( unsigned line_num) const

Field Documentation

◆ coverage

◆ file_time

time_t source_info::file_time

Referenced by find_source(), and output_lines().

◆ functions

◆ index

unsigned source_info::index

◆ line_to_function_map

vector<vector<function_info *> *> source_info::line_to_function_map

◆ lines

◆ maximum_count

unsigned int source_info::maximum_count

◆ name

char* source_info::name

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