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omplow_simd_context Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for omplow_simd_context:

Public Member Functions

 omplow_simd_context ()

Data Fields

tree idx
tree lane
tree lastlane
vec< tree, va_heapsimt_eargs
gimple_seq simt_dlist
poly_uint64 max_vf
bool is_simt

Detailed Description

This structure is part of the interface between lower_rec_simd_input_clauses
and lower_rec_input_clauses.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ omplow_simd_context()

omplow_simd_context::omplow_simd_context ( )

Field Documentation

◆ idx

tree omplow_simd_context::idx

◆ is_simt

bool omplow_simd_context::is_simt

◆ lane

tree omplow_simd_context::lane

◆ lastlane

tree omplow_simd_context::lastlane

◆ max_vf

poly_uint64 omplow_simd_context::max_vf

◆ simt_dlist

gimple_seq omplow_simd_context::simt_dlist

◆ simt_eargs

vec<tree, va_heap> omplow_simd_context::simt_eargs

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