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args_loc_t Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 args_loc_t ()
 args_loc_t (const args_loc_t &rhs)
args_loc_toperator= (const args_loc_t &rhs)
 ~args_loc_t ()

Data Fields

unsigned nargs
vec< location_t > locvec
void * ptr

Detailed Description

Describes the property of a return statement that may return
the address of one or more local variables.  The type must
be safely assignable and copyable so that it can be stored in
a hash_map.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ args_loc_t() [1/2]

args_loc_t::args_loc_t ( )

References locvec.

◆ args_loc_t() [2/2]

args_loc_t::args_loc_t ( const args_loc_t & rhs)

◆ ~args_loc_t()

args_loc_t::~args_loc_t ( )

References gcc_assert, locvec, and ptr.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

args_loc_t & args_loc_t::operator= ( const args_loc_t & rhs)

References locvec, and nargs.

Field Documentation

◆ locvec

◆ nargs

◆ ptr

void* args_loc_t::ptr

Referenced by ~args_loc_t().

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