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_slp_instance Class Reference

#include <tree-vectorizer.h>

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Public Member Functions

dump_user_location_t location () const

Data Fields

slp_tree root
vec< stmt_vec_inforoot_stmts
vec< treeremain_defs
poly_uint64 unrolling_factor
vec< slp_treeloads
slp_tree reduc_phis
stmt_vector_for_cost cost_vec
vec< _slp_instance * > subgraph_entries
slp_instance_kind kind

Detailed Description

SLP instance is a sequence of stmts in a loop that can be packed into
SIMD stmts.   

Member Function Documentation

◆ location()

dump_user_location_t _slp_instance::location ( ) const
Return a location suitable for dumpings related to the SLP instance.   

References root, root_stmts, and SLP_TREE_SCALAR_STMTS.

Field Documentation

◆ cost_vec

stmt_vector_for_cost _slp_instance::cost_vec

◆ kind

slp_instance_kind _slp_instance::kind

◆ loads

vec<slp_tree> _slp_instance::loads

◆ reduc_phis

slp_tree _slp_instance::reduc_phis

◆ remain_defs

vec<tree> _slp_instance::remain_defs

◆ root

slp_tree _slp_instance::root

Referenced by location().

◆ root_stmts

vec<stmt_vec_info> _slp_instance::root_stmts

Referenced by location().

◆ subgraph_entries

vec<_slp_instance *> _slp_instance::subgraph_entries

◆ unrolling_factor

poly_uint64 _slp_instance::unrolling_factor

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