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mode_data Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct mode_datanext
const charname
enum mode_class cl
unsigned int order
unsigned int precision
unsigned int bytesize
unsigned int ncomponents
unsigned int alignment
const charformat
struct mode_datacomponent
struct mode_datawider
struct mode_datacontained
struct mode_datanext_cont
struct mode_datacomplex
const charfile
unsigned int line
unsigned int counter
unsigned int ibit
unsigned int fbit
bool need_nunits_adj
bool need_bytesize_adj
unsigned int int_n
bool boolean

Detailed Description

Data structure for building up what we know about a mode.
They're clustered by mode class.   

Field Documentation

◆ alignment

unsigned int mode_data::alignment

◆ boolean

◆ bytesize

◆ cl

◆ complex

struct mode_data* mode_data::complex

◆ component

◆ contained

◆ counter

unsigned int mode_data::counter

Referenced by cmp_modes(), and new_mode().

◆ fbit

unsigned int mode_data::fbit

◆ file

◆ format

◆ ibit

unsigned int mode_data::ibit

◆ int_n

unsigned int mode_data::int_n

◆ line

◆ name

◆ ncomponents

◆ need_bytesize_adj

bool mode_data::need_bytesize_adj

◆ need_nunits_adj

bool mode_data::need_nunits_adj

Referenced by emit_mode_nunits_inline().

◆ next

◆ next_cont

◆ order

unsigned int mode_data::order

◆ precision

◆ wider

struct mode_data* mode_data::wider

Referenced by calc_wider_mode(), and emit_mode_wider().

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