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cl_enum Struct Reference

#include <opts.h>

Collaboration diagram for cl_enum:

Data Fields

const char * help
const char * unknown_error
const struct cl_enum_argvalues
size_t var_size
void(* set )(void *var, int value)
int(* get )(const void *var)

Detailed Description

Structure describing an enumerated set of option arguments.   

Field Documentation

◆ get

int(* cl_enum::get) (const void *var)

Referenced by print_filtered_help(), and set_option().

◆ help

const char* cl_enum::help

◆ set

void(* cl_enum::set) (void *var, int value)

Referenced by set_option().

◆ unknown_error

const char* cl_enum::unknown_error

Referenced by cmdline_handle_error().

◆ values

◆ var_size

size_t cl_enum::var_size

Referenced by get_option_state().

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