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auto_flow_sensitive Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 auto_flow_sensitive (gimple *s)
 ~auto_flow_sensitive ()

Private Attributes

auto_vec< std::pair< tree, flow_sensitive_info_storage >, 2 > stack

Detailed Description

RAII style class to temporarily remove flow sensitive
from ssa names defined by a gimple statement.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ auto_flow_sensitive()

auto_flow_sensitive::auto_flow_sensitive ( gimple * s)
Constructor for auto_flow_sensitive. Saves
off the ssa names' flow sensitive information
that was defined by gimple statement S and
resets it to be non-flow based ones.  

References FOR_EACH_SSA_TREE_OPERAND, ggc_alloc(), flow_sensitive_info_storage::save_and_clear(), SSA_OP_DEF, and stack.

◆ ~auto_flow_sensitive()

auto_flow_sensitive::~auto_flow_sensitive ( )
Deconstructor, restores the flow sensitive information
for the SSA names that had been saved off.   

References stack.

Field Documentation

◆ stack

auto_vec<std::pair<tree, flow_sensitive_info_storage>, 2> auto_flow_sensitive::stack

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