GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_discr_list_node Struct Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Collaboration diagram for dw_discr_list_node:

Data Fields

dw_discr_list_ref dw_discr_next
dw_discr_value dw_discr_lower_bound
dw_discr_value dw_discr_upper_bound
int dw_discr_range

Detailed Description

A variant (inside a record variant part) is selected when the corresponding
discriminant matches its set of values (see the comment for dw_discr_value).
The following datastructure holds such matching information.   

Field Documentation

◆ dw_discr_lower_bound

dw_discr_value dw_discr_list_node::dw_discr_lower_bound

Referenced by output_die().

◆ dw_discr_next

dw_discr_list_ref dw_discr_list_node::dw_discr_next

◆ dw_discr_range

int dw_discr_list_node::dw_discr_range

Referenced by output_die().

◆ dw_discr_upper_bound

dw_discr_value dw_discr_list_node::dw_discr_upper_bound

Referenced by output_die().

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