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gimplify_omp_ctx Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct gimplify_omp_ctxouter_context
splay_tree variables
hash_set< tree > * privatized_types
tree clauses
vec< treeloop_iter_var
location_t location
enum omp_clause_default_kind default_kind
enum omp_region_type region_type
enum tree_code code
bool combined_loop
bool distribute
bool target_firstprivatize_array_bases
bool add_safelen1
bool order_concurrent
bool has_depend
bool in_for_exprs
int defaultmap [5]

Field Documentation

◆ add_safelen1

bool gimplify_omp_ctx::add_safelen1

◆ clauses

◆ code

◆ combined_loop

◆ default_kind

◆ defaultmap

◆ distribute

bool gimplify_omp_ctx::distribute

◆ has_depend

◆ in_for_exprs

bool gimplify_omp_ctx::in_for_exprs

◆ location

◆ loop_iter_var

vec<tree> gimplify_omp_ctx::loop_iter_var

◆ order_concurrent

bool gimplify_omp_ctx::order_concurrent

◆ outer_context

◆ privatized_types

hash_set<tree>* gimplify_omp_ctx::privatized_types

◆ region_type

◆ target_firstprivatize_array_bases

bool gimplify_omp_ctx::target_firstprivatize_array_bases

◆ variables

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