GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
df_d Class Reference

#include <df.h>

Collaboration diagram for df_d:

Data Fields

struct dataflowproblems_in_order [DF_LAST_PROBLEM_PLUS1]
struct dataflowproblems_by_index [DF_LAST_PROBLEM_PLUS1]
bitmap blocks_to_analyze
struct df_ref_info def_info
struct df_ref_info use_info
struct df_reg_info ** def_regs
struct df_reg_info ** use_regs
struct df_reg_info ** eq_use_regs
unsigned int regs_size
unsigned int regs_inited
struct df_insn_info ** insns
unsigned int insns_size
int num_problems_defined
bitmap_head hardware_regs_used
bitmap_head regular_block_artificial_uses
bitmap_head eh_block_artificial_uses
bitmap entry_block_defs
bitmap exit_block_uses
bitmap_head insns_to_delete
bitmap_head insns_to_rescan
bitmap_head insns_to_notes_rescan
int * postorder
int * postorder_inverted
int n_blocks
unsigned int * hard_regs_live_count
unsigned int ref_order
int changeable_flags: 8
bool analyze_subset
bool redo_entry_and_exit

Field Documentation

◆ analyze_subset

◆ blocks_to_analyze

◆ changeable_flags

◆ def_info

◆ def_regs

◆ eh_block_artificial_uses

◆ entry_block_defs

◆ eq_use_regs

◆ exit_block_uses

◆ hard_regs_live_count

◆ hardware_regs_used

◆ insns

struct df_insn_info** df_d::insns

◆ insns_size

unsigned int df_d::insns_size

Referenced by df_grow_insn_info().

◆ insns_to_delete

◆ insns_to_notes_rescan

◆ insns_to_rescan

◆ n_blocks

◆ num_problems_defined

◆ postorder

◆ postorder_inverted

◆ problems_by_index

struct dataflow* df_d::problems_by_index[DF_LAST_PROBLEM_PLUS1]

◆ problems_in_order

◆ redo_entry_and_exit

◆ ref_order

unsigned int df_d::ref_order

◆ regs_inited

◆ regs_size

unsigned int df_d::regs_size

◆ regular_block_artificial_uses

◆ use_info

◆ use_regs

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