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bitmap_head Class Reference

#include <bitmap.h>

Collaboration diagram for bitmap_head:

Public Member Functions

CONSTEXPR bitmap_head ()
void dump ()
unsignedget_descriptor ()

Data Fields

unsigned int indx
unsigned tree_form: 1
unsigned padding: 2
unsigned alloc_descriptor: 29

Static Public Attributes

static bitmap_obstack crashme

Detailed Description

Head of bitmap linked list.  The 'current' member points to something
already pointed to by the chain started by first, so it.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ bitmap_head()

CONSTEXPR bitmap_head::bitmap_head ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump()

void bitmap_head::dump ( )

References debug.

◆ get_descriptor()

unsigned * bitmap_head::get_descriptor ( )

References alloc_descriptor, and ggc_alloc().

Field Documentation

◆ alloc_descriptor

unsigned bitmap_head::alloc_descriptor

Referenced by get_descriptor().

◆ crashme

bitmap_obstack bitmap_head::crashme
Static zero-initialized bitmap obstack used for default initialization
of bitmap_head.   

Referenced by bitmap_release().

◆ current

bitmap_element* bitmap_head::current

◆ first

bitmap_element* bitmap_head::first

◆ indx

◆ obstack

bitmap_obstack* bitmap_head::obstack

◆ padding

unsigned bitmap_head::padding

◆ tree_form

unsigned bitmap_head::tree_form

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