GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cgraph_indirect_call_info Class Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Collaboration diagram for cgraph_indirect_call_info:

Data Fields

ipa_polymorphic_call_context context
HOST_WIDE_INT otr_token
tree otr_type
int param_index
int ecf_flags
unsigned num_speculative_call_targets: 16
unsigned polymorphic: 1
unsigned agg_contents: 1
unsigned member_ptr: 1
unsigned by_ref: 1
unsigned guaranteed_unmodified: 1
unsigned vptr_changed: 1

Detailed Description

Structure containing additional information about an indirect call.   

Field Documentation

◆ agg_contents

◆ by_ref

◆ context

◆ ecf_flags

◆ guaranteed_unmodified

◆ member_ptr

unsigned cgraph_indirect_call_info::member_ptr

◆ num_speculative_call_targets

◆ offset

◆ otr_token

◆ otr_type

◆ param_index

◆ polymorphic

◆ vptr_changed

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