GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
param_access Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree type
tree alias_ptr_type
unsigned unit_offset
unsigned unit_size: ISRA_ARG_SIZE_LIMIT_BITS
unsigned certain: 1
unsigned reverse: 1

Detailed Description

Structure describing accesses to a specific portion of an aggregate
parameter, as given by the offset and size.  Any smaller accesses that occur
within a function that fall within another access form a tree.  The pass
cannot analyze parameters with only partially overlapping accesses.   

Field Documentation

◆ alias_ptr_type

tree param_access::alias_ptr_type

◆ certain

unsigned param_access::certain

◆ reverse

unsigned param_access::reverse

◆ type

tree param_access::type

◆ unit_offset

unsigned param_access::unit_offset

◆ unit_size

unsigned param_access::unit_size

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