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function_abi_aggregator Class Reference

#include <function-abi.h>

Public Member Functions

 function_abi_aggregator ()
void note_callee_abi (const function_abi &abi)
HARD_REG_SET caller_save_regs (const function_abi &) const

Private Attributes

HARD_REG_SET m_abi_clobbers [NUM_ABI_IDS]

Detailed Description

This class collects information about the ABIs of functions that are
called in a particular region of code.  It is mostly intended to be
used as a local variable during an IR walk.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ function_abi_aggregator()

function_abi_aggregator::function_abi_aggregator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ caller_save_regs()

HARD_REG_SET function_abi_aggregator::caller_save_regs ( const function_abi & caller_abi) const
Return the set of registers that the caller of the recorded functions must
save in order to honor the requirements of CALLER_ABI.   

References CLEAR_HARD_REG_SET, function_abis, ggc_alloc(), hard_reg_set_empty_p(), i, m_abi_clobbers, and NUM_ABI_IDS.

◆ note_callee_abi()

void function_abi_aggregator::note_callee_abi ( const function_abi & abi)

Field Documentation

◆ m_abi_clobbers

HARD_REG_SET function_abi_aggregator::m_abi_clobbers[NUM_ABI_IDS]

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