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pattern_routine Class Reference
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Data Fields

unsigned int pattern_id
bool pnum_clobbers_p
bool insn_p
auto_vec< parameter::type_enum, MAX_PATTERN_PARAMSparam_types

Detailed Description

Represents a routine that matches a partial rtx pattern, returning
an ad-hoc enum value on success and -1 on failure.  The routine can
be used by any subroutine type.  The match can be parameterized by
things like mode, code and UNSPEC number.   

Field Documentation

◆ insn_p

◆ param_types

auto_vec<parameter::type_enum, MAX_PATTERN_PARAMS> pattern_routine::param_types

Referenced by init_pattern_use(), and print_pattern().

◆ pattern_id

unsigned int pattern_routine::pattern_id

◆ pnum_clobbers_p

bool pattern_routine::pnum_clobbers_p

◆ pos

position* pattern_routine::pos

◆ s

state* pattern_routine::s

Referenced by init_pattern_use(), and print_pattern().

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